What is a virtual reality escape room?

You and your team of up to 6 players arrive at our location and put on virtual reality headsets. As you look around through your new technological eyes you see yourself and each other as game characters now trapped inside a dangerous virtual environment. Your goal is to complete a series of puzzles that can only be solved as a team. Time is running out - can you escape?

Pick your adventure!

Kč per player


Virtual Reality Locomotion


The Virtualizer is a technological breakthrough when it comes to virtual reality, as it allows you to move freely in the virtual world – making the immersion unmatched.
You can walk, run, crouch or even jump in the Virtualizer.


USER Friendly

The Virtualizer’s flat base plate has a low-friction surface that enables you to walk, run, and strafe freely in every direction. As it’s flat, movement feels realistic, dramatically enhancing immersion. The uniquely constructed ring allows for vertical movements such as jumping and crouching, as well as a 360° axial rotation.

Games offered

30 Minutes - 449 Kč
Per Game - 250 Kč


Total number of people who have played
Best record cosmos
best record mind horror
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